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Modern management system, the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment
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Shenzhen AltoMei Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy raw material and lithium battery equipment manufacturer that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. It is dedicated to providing new energy materials and battery manufacturers with stable, reliable, high-quality and high-quality products. With precision and high-efficiency professional manufacturing equipment, we can also customize R&D and manufacture reliable, scalable automated production equipment and control system solutions based on customer needs.

       Alto America Automation not only provides you with industrial automation production equipment, but also provides you with the most suitable integrated solution, release...


Shenzhen Alto Automation Technology Co., Ltd.



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  • Vacuum negative pressure statio

    After the device is started for the first time, all operations can be fully automated. In its working process, the degree of vacuum inside the vacuum system always fluct MORE+

  • Precautions for using the dispe

    The liquid injection machine is mainly used for precise and primary quantitative use of square batteries. It has high liquid injection efficiency, easy operation and goo MORE+

  • Lithium polymer battery and ord

    1, ordinary lithium ion battery Lithium-ion batteries are commonly referred to as "lithium batteries," and they are the best battery systems currently available. MORE+

  • How to weld the anode tab of po

    Lithium polymer battery cathode lug with electric iron welding, need to use Weiding 51-F flux assisted welding, through the M51-F flux to break the metal surface tension MORE+

  • What are the difficulties in sq

    At present, the square aluminum battery accounts for a large proportion of the power battery. In the welding process of the battery, the welding of the aluminum battery MORE+

  • Vacuum filling machine how to

    1 Check whether there is spilled electrolyte in the electrolyte support plate after the injection of the injection needle every day after work. Clean up promptly. If th MORE+

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