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Kiln automatic production line

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 Product: Kiln automatic production line 

 Equipment function and principle introduction:

   The production line is mainly connected with the inlet and outlet of the kiln furnace, and realizes automatic conveying, automatic slicing, automatic capping, automatic powder unloading, automatic squeegee cleaning, quantitative powder loading, automatic leveling, automatic stacking, and automatic capping. , automatic cleaning side of residual powder and other functions;


Main technical parameters of the equipment:



The whole line adopts aluminum material double speed chain conveyor;


匣钵 Metering, quantitative loading, loading accuracy ± 100g;


After the powder is discharged, the remaining powder is less than 0.5%, and the powder is discharged by suction and discharged (negative electrode).

And flip-type powder discharge (positive) two welding methods direct welding / welding



Equipment defect rate is less than 1%, and the production rate is greater than 95%

, man-machine occupation 0.5 people / line



After cleaning, residual powder is less than 30g;



Equipment installation requirements: power supply: 380VAC/50HZ, three-phase five-wire 6KW

,Air pressure:0.5-0.6MP.