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What are the functions of automatic vacuum filling machine


Release date:2016-07-27


 What are the functions of automatic vacuum filling machine

Many people do not know what advantages and performances of automatic vacuum filling machine when they buy battery liquid injection machine . So today the name of the battery fluid injection machine manufacturers will give you a brief introduction about what is a fully automatic vacuum filling machine and he The efficacy and performance of it!

 First, the main function and introduction:

  1. Fully-automatic vacuum liquid injection machine can be used in the production process of injection, standing, and vacuum sealing of flexible packaging batteries.

  2. The main functions of the automatic vacuum filling machine include: automatic feeding, automatic scanning, automatic weighing, automatic filling, three times of automatic standing, automatic weighing after filling, automatic vacuum packaging, automatic cutting and other kinetic energy.

  3. The automatic vacuum liquid injection machine adopts the glove box type cover, all operations are in the sealed compartment, and the internal protection gas is used to ensure that the air pressure is positive pressure.

  Second, the components:

  1. Feeding mechanism, automatic scan code, scan code unqualified product grab robot and placing area, feeding robot.

  2. Pre-injection weighing mechanism, battery fixture and fixture drive mechanism, motion guides, and battery injection mechanism.

  3, battery vacuum rest mechanism, battery vacuum suction seal, post-injection weighing mechanism, battery automatic feeding manipulator.

  4, unqualified product placement area, feeding mechanism, machine body, frame and safety cover, the whole electrical control system.

  Vacuum injection machine
Vacuum injection machine