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How can we make lithium machine injection machine industry bigger and stronger?


Release date:2016-07-27


 How can we make lithium machine injection machine industry bigger and stronger?

What is the current development trend in the lithium battery industry? What is the status of China's lithium battery industry?

In recent years, the market demand for lithium-ion electricity equipment has been increasing, and the industries it brings have also become more and more prosperous. However, China's lithium-ion battery equipment companies have not changed much and are still struggling to survive. The main reason is that competition is so great that companies do not have the mind to calm down and engage in R&D and technology. Just blindly imitate, plagiarize, grab orders.

In fact, in every equipment industry, the company wants to survive and survive, as long as it has its own special expertise in scientific research, focusing on a product, and specializing in precision. Such a company certainly runs fast.

In short, if you want to make the lithium power industry powerful, you must explore in the market and find the right path for your own development. However, copying plagiarism is not the long-term survival of the company. If you want to establish a foothold in the industry, you must continue to innovate and constantly research.

Shenzhen AltoMei Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new energy raw material and lithium battery equipment manufacturer that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. It is dedicated to providing new energy materials and battery manufacturers with stable, reliable, high quality and high Precision, high-efficiency professional manufacturing equipment, but also customized according to customer needs R & D and reliable, scalable automation equipment and control system solutions.

      The main products are:

     1. The fields of raw materials for positive and negative powders include powder automatic loading and unloading lines, vacuum feeding machines , automatic metering vacuum packaging machines, and powder conveying systems;

     2. Lithium battery: automatic pole welding machine (rotary disc type), automatic lug welding line (linear type), automatic lamination machine , PPG thickness gauge, etc., widely used in lithium battery and large power battery Fields to meet the needs of different customers.

      AltoMei Automation not only provides you with industrial automation production equipment, but also provides you with the most suitable integrated solutions, free up manpower, increase production efficiency, reduce overall costs, and increase market competitiveness! !

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