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Vacuum filling machine how to daily maintenance


Release date:2018-01-03


 Vacuum filling machine how to daily maintenance 

    1 Check whether there is spilled electrolyte in the electrolyte support plate after the injection of the injection needle every day after work. Clean up promptly. If there is a lot of electrolyte, check whether there is air bubble or air leakage between the tube of the Hai Pai pump and the injection needle. phenomenon. Check whether there is electrolyte dripping on the liquid injection frame, find the location of the leak, repair it in time, and clean the injection frame so that the problem can be discovered in time. After shutting down, promptly inspect the components exposed on the bench such as trunking and sensors to avoid corrosion by the electrolyte. 

    2 Replace the O-ring in the filling cup once a week. Replace the O-ring with silicone oil for 24 hours to prevent the O-ring from using friction for a long time. This will cause deformation and the opening and closing windows cannot be closed. If the slide sleeve is not found in place during production, it shall be replaced in a timely manner, and the replacement slide sleeve shall be replaced with DMC solution for cleaning and use. 

    3 Replacement of injection cup seals 

During the liquid injection process, attention should be paid to the tightness of the sealing ring of the liquid injection cup, and looseness may cause the seal to be tight, resulting in leakage of the liquid leakage. Affect the injection effect. 

    4 Electronic balance maintenance 

If there is an individual electrolyte drip phenomenon, the electrolyte may remain in the battery tray on the electronic scale. After crystallization, the accuracy and accuracy of the electronic scale will be affected, and the periodic inspection and cleaning will be performed.

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