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The application of different kinds of thickness gauges


Release date:2016-07-27


  The application of different kinds of thickness gauges

      1, laser thickness gauge is the use of laser reflection principle, according to the light-cutting method to measure and observe the micro-geometry of the machined surface of the machined parts to measure the thickness of the product, is a non-contact dynamic measurement instrument. It can directly output digital signals to connect with industrial computers, and quickly process data and output deviation values ​​to various industrial devices.



      2. When X-ray thickness gauge uses X-rays to penetrate the material under test, the characteristics of the X-ray intensity changes with the thickness of the material. Therefore, when the X-ray thickness gauge uses X-rays to penetrate the material under test, it is a non-contact dynamic measurement instrument that determines the thickness of the material. . It takes PLC and industrial computer as the core, collects the calculation data and outputs the target deviation value to the thickness control system of the rolling mill to achieve the required rolling thickness. The main application industries: non-ferrous metal plate and foil processing, metallurgical industry, strip processing.



     3, paper thickness gauge: applicable to the following 4mm film, paper, cardboard and other sheet material thickness measurement.



     4. Film Thickness Gauge: It is used to measure the thickness of thin film, thin film and other materials. It has wide measuring range and high measuring accuracy. It has the characteristics of data output, zero setting at any position, metric conversion, automatic power off and so on.



     5, coating thickness gauge: used to measure the thickness of the coating on iron and non-ferrous metal substrates.



     6, ultrasonic thickness gauge: Ultrasonic thickness gauge is based on the principle of ultrasonic pulse reflection thickness measurement, when the ultrasonic pulse emitted by the probe through the measured object reaches the material interface, the pulse is reflected back to the probe, through accurate measurement of ultrasonic in The time of propagation in the material determines the thickness of the material being tested. Any material that allows ultrasound to propagate inside it at a constant speed can be measured using this principle.


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