Lithium battery tab welding


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How to weld the anode tab of polymer lithium battery


Release date:2018-01-09



Lithium polymer battery cathode lug with electric iron welding, need to use Weiding 51-F flux assisted welding, through the M51-F flux to break the metal surface tension, and then use Weiding 51 welding wire to welding Yes, it can solve the welding of dissimilar metals of aluminum and copper, and do a good job of anti-oxidation treatment at the solder joint after welding.

Lithium battery tab welding

Welding Note: 1, the mother's temperature must be warmed up in advance

2. The heat source can be enough to heat the temperature of the welding part to the working temperature of the welding wire Weidudin 51, which is 179 degrees. This is more difficult for a slightly larger volume of aluminum, so for thick aluminum welding, heating is a Problems that must be considered.